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Gone are the days when effective marketing meant having your advertisements on a park bench or a lamp post banner. Digital marketing might be mysterious to some, but it doesn’t have to be. With over 5 billion internet users, businesses all around the world rely on digital marketing to identify and engage high-value customers. The ability to use digital marketing is crucial in today’s hyperconnected world. So now is the right time to start a career in digital marketing with one of the best digital marketing institute in Mumbai.

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Batch Commences: March 25, 2023

ADVANCE DIGITAL MARKETING COURSE (50+ Modules) ₹29,999 ₹47,599

If you’re somebody looking to build a career in the digital ecosystem, The BW School is a trusted institute of digital marketing in Mumbai to jumpstart your career. Through this course, you will gain the digital know-how to excel in a digital marketing career anywhere in the world. We offer a comprehensive 6-month course where you can have a practical approach to learning and a blended training method to learn the right skills with the right application methods. Our hybrid learning model includes custom-tailored 1-on-1 mentoring sessions and in-class presentations.


50+ Modules / 200+ Topics for Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Job Seekers & Students

Seize the chance to earn the Digital Marketing Course Certification and become a Certified Advanced Digital Marketer in just 6 months.

WordPress Website Creation

Learn how to navigate and master the entire WordPress Ecosystem. Build, manage and host remarkable websites. Step-by-step instructions on making blogs, setting up domain and hosting, migration of websites, and more.

eCommerce Website

Help power online selling visions by building eCommerce websites. Learn to use site builders and e-commerce tools to your advantage and shape websites from scratch. Master each section from domain and hosting to adding products and setting up payment processes.

Landing Page Creation

Improve website sales through landing pages. A Landing Page is like the backbone of a website it’s the first thing a visitor sees and your maximum chance of enrapturing their attention. Learn the do’s and dont’s and the right content mix for perfect landing pages each time.

Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO is one of the elitest and well-paying niches of Digital Marketing. It gives you the freedom of working on your own time while providing high yielding results. Learn to build and operate optimization programs, A/B testing, UX, and web analytics.

Domain & Server Setup

If you are interested in web development then this is the first step to master. We will go through step by step all the basics of using cPanel, including how to configure your domain name and how to set up a website with cPanel in mere minutes.

Google Tag Manager Setup

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of websites with Google Tag Manager. Learn how to manage webpages, track data, behavior of the visitors, services, and products through the use of tags.

Google Analytics Setup

Google Analytics is an important tool to gather information about your website visitors. Learn how to extract detailed statistics about your site’s traffic, where your visitors live or how long they stay on your site, what keywords they use to land on your page, and lots more. This information can further enable you to use it to your advantage and target the right audience.

eCommerce Tracking

Ecommerce Tracking enables you to gather and analyze data related to online transactions. Learn how to track visitor experiences, behaviors & interactions by use of cookies, tags, data layers, events etc, and improve website sales performances.

Goals & Conversion Tracking

Goals and conversion measure business outcomes. Building a successful website is important however keeping an insight into how its performing is paramount. Learn how to track if your website is performing in line with your goals and confirms if it’s functioning towards the business objectives.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Become an SEO expert and learn how to provide experienced and developed SEO solutions. SEO experts execute all the strategies which exhilarate the reach and ranking of websites in search results. Increase visibility and optimize search results with this powerful tool.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is the most underrated way of advertising in order to connect with a wide range of audiences while using all the built-in tools that are widely available. Master Facebook Advertising and Facebook Business Manager in order to check insights, retarget audience and convert ads into sales.

Instagram Advertising

Don’t just use Instagram but learn to use it successfully. Instagram is one of the most widely used platforms for advertising. Learn important Instagram advertising strategies, how to develop the right content, analyze it, and promote it with Instagram Ads.

Linkedin Advertising

Like any other platform, LinkedIn has its own set of audiences and benefits of advertising. Learn how to create ad campaigns with the help of linkedin’s native targeting, analyze its reach and success with the campaign manager and optimize advertising objectives.

Search Engine Marketing

With SEM, you will understand how to build profitable advertising search campaigns that capture a slice of Google’s and Bing’s enormous daily traffic and turn it into real business revenue.

YouTube Advertising

Build and enhance profitable YouTube ads. YouTube has over 1.3 billion users and over 5 billion views per day. Learn how to target the right audience in an accurate way, structure your ads and scale them for maximum views and conversions.

YouTube Analytics & Monetization

Master this tool to gain the maximum benefits out of your YouTube channel. Learn how to read and display valuable insights into the content on your channel, including audience retention, video engagement and watch time, estimated revenue impact, channel performance over time, and more.

Advanced Adwords MCC

Manage all your Google Ads accounts from one place. Previously known as My Client Centre (MCC), manager accounts can help you manage multiple accounts.

Smart Remarketing Campaigns

Learn Smart remarketing and target your customers with relevant ads on other websites and social media where they are likely to visit. Use it to promote new products or services, drive traffic back to your website, and increase conversions.

Abandoned Cart Campaigns

Learn to convert sleeping sales by sending gentle reminders to your clients. Abandoned cart campaigns are a powerful way to help recover your lost sales. The goal of these campaigns is to remind these shoppers about the items they added to their carts, and encourage them to complete their purchases.

Setup Google Adsense

Google AdSense is a powerful ad-serving platform that allows you to put ads on your site and make money with them. Learn how to set up Google AdSense ads on your website, add code to place them in multiple places, get approval from Google, and more.

Email Marketing Techniques

Emails are still one of the most widely used mediums to communicate and exchange information. Learn how to create email marketing strategies that feel personal and connect with the end users, build an audience and maintain contacts.

Online Reputation Management

Learn how to build and scale an online reputation in order to create a perception of your business by both current and potential clients. Master growing an online presence while protecting yourself from negative reviews and reducing the exposure of those reviews on the internet.

Google Search Console

Search engines are a powerful tool that can be used to assess the operations of your website. By using a search engine console, you can identify issues such as weak links, duplicate content, and 404 errors. Learn how to use Google Search Console to your best advantage by also monitoring website traffic and keyword optimization.

Content Writing and Marketing

Content plays a very important role in every aspect of marketing. Websites, SEO, Blogs, Online Reputation Management, and Social Media Marketing all rely on the right content to work on digital platforms.

Creating/Setup a BLOG

Blogging is essential to business growth. Learn how to craft a blog and its strategy that drives business, create quality blog content meant for your audience in a fun and interactive way, and learn how to manage a growing blog.

Learn Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has gained a lot of popularity over the recent years. It is one of the easiest and most economical ways of expanding reach and sales. Learn the different techniques required for affiliate marketing and how to choose a niche and strategize accordingly.

Quora Marketing & Ads

Quora marketing is one of the most lucrative ways of driving traffic to your websites. Learn how to target your audience on Quora, pick the right questions, build a reputable profile, and lots more

Whatsapp Business Marketing

WhatsApp is the quickest way to connect with customers and provide after sales service. Learn how to use WhatsApp Business to your advantage by providing instant information regarding products, or services and building customer relations and sales.

Design Graphics - Canva

Design stunning professional graphic designs in Canva for your brands. Learn to create templates, and brand kits, and practice using all the necessary tools needed in Canva.

Influencer Marketing

Learn how to leverage influencer marketing to your brand’s advantage. Gain the confidence to take action and create high-quality content that brings true value to your chosen audience, how to develop relationships with influential people in your field, which can lead to increased brand awareness, website traffic, and interaction with your products and services.

Google My Business Listing

Searching your business profile on google is the easiest way to be found by your clients. It is a significant way to increase visibility across all google platforms. Get to know how to set up a business listing and make the most of it.

Local SEO

Offer your clients or master Local SEO listings for yourself. The Web is a cosmos of information and ads and if you’re a local business and wish to stand out try optimizing your business locally. Learn how to use local SEO to help bring businesses to the top of local search results and map packs.

Mobile Only Marketing

Learn how to conduct sales and marketing from the palm of your hand. In-depth knowledge of customer engagement techniques and how to utilize your mobile for building relationships and increasing sales and conversions.

Competitor Analysis

The digital world is constantly evolving and one has to be constantly updated. Learn how to research and analyze marketing strategies of competitors in order to define the strengths and weaknesses of your company and how to fill in the gaps in order to stay ahead of the curve.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Create, seize and deliver value in the digital world. Apprehend how digitalization brings about a change in customers decision making and how it can help the brand. Be aware of emerging trends and business modules and master new technologies in order to build relations with your customers.

Learn Reverse Engineering

Learn how to use, analyze and optimize systems, processes and software that are successful, and duplicate them to your advantage. Recreate similar systems or customized systems to cater to your companys needs.

Freelancing Techniques

Have the freedom to work at your own pace and time. Freelancing helps you to organize work at your own pace and will. Learn how to find clients while freelancing and how to set up profiles on useful websites in order to offer them your services.

Important & Useful Tool

The digital marketing world is substantially big however, there are a lot of tools out there to help us master the various techniques and bring larger numbers and conversions. Get insight into these tools and how to use them.

Learn Google Optimize

Google Optimize helps companies in optimizing client interactions on websites to the maximum. Google Optimize offers A/B testing, website testing & personalization tools for businesses to help deliver engaging customer experiences.

Learn Google Data Studio

Create interactive and informative dashboards and reports with Google data studio. Learn how to customize your data and insights into informative reports that are easy to read, interact with, and easy to share.
Why us

Key Highlights of the Course

The BW School’s training program is a well-structured Digital Marketing Course with placements that aims to help aspirants in achieving their professional objectives in the technologically advanced digital world and earning a desirable salary, which will boost their career growth.

We have a massive library of world-class digital marketing SOPs and templates that we use for our clients.

Digital Marketing SOPs & Strategies

With our course, you will learn digital marketing techniques and strategies and gain the vital information and in-demand skills you need to advance in your current organization’s hierarchy and set yourself apart from the competition.

Pre-Defined Templates for All Services & Tasks

You can now download and use a set of self-made templates, check lists, and sample plans that we use for our clients, or you can use them for the organization you are working with.

How we can help your career thrive?

Advanced Curriculam

Curriculum updated every quarter to append the latest happenings in the industry of online marketing.


The BW School support you to get all the certification from Google, Facebook , Hubspot and upto 9 domains.

Learn from Experts

We bring to you the professionals in the business of digital marketing when it comes to training delivery.

Lifetime Query Support

Advice for smarter marketing from experts and professionals to solve your conceptual problems.

Course Duration & Fees

6 months course | INR 29,999 | Saturday & Sunday Batch Only

Saturday Batch Timings : 10AM to 1PM and 3PM to 6PM

Sunday Batch Timings : 10AM to 1PM and 3PM to 6PM

₹29,999 47,599
Limited Period Offer!


3 Monthly Easy Installments

Course Fees

Build your digital marketing expertise from the ground up

Our in-depth, Six-month training focuses on digital marketing techniques that are widely regarded as essential for connecting with today’s online customers. Enter the wide world of digital marketing. Enroll today.

Prepare to Lead the Future of Digital Marketing

Master the Digital Marketing Tools

Learn digital marketing tools and techniques to unleash the potential of digital platforms and boost your SEO, PR, PPC, and other marketing initiatives.

Start your digital marketing training with industry experts.

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    Alumni Testimonials

    Hear from our awesome students

    There are numerous success stories of students who have trusted our services, the outcome of which is their achievements over their fantasies. The BW School is one of the best digital education institute which has paved the way for their dreams to come true. Now we are counting the tales of their virtuous achievements.


    “With the help of online language school, now I can choose more countries to work, travel and make friends!”

    Sneha Gupta
    Sr. Executive - GroupM

    “With the help of online language school, now I can choose more countries to work, travel and make friends!”

    Puja Agarwal
    Manager - GroupM

    “With the help of online language school, now I can choose more countries to work, travel and make friends!”

    Rasika Londhe
    SEO Executive - Zetta Computech
    Online Digital Marketing Course with 14+ Certifications (Classroom Training Only)

    Our effective training aims to assist students in achieving their professional objectives in the technologically advanced digital world and earning a respectable salary to advance a successful career. Learn digital marketing strategies and gain up the required expertise and in-demand skills to help you rise through the ranks at your current company and distinguish yourself from competitors.

    Here’s a list of topics covered in our Online Digital Marketing course syllabus:

      1. Introduction to Digital Marketing | 2 hours
      2. Website Planning & E-commerce Development | 20 hours | 1 assignment
      3. Search Marketing & Blogging | 22 hours | 2 assignments
      4. Creating Marketing Content & Campaign Planning | 22 hours | 1 assignment
      5. Organic Social Media Marketing | 7 hours | 1 assignment
      6. Social Media Marketing | 10 hours | 1 assignment
      7. Brand Reputation Management| 4 hours
      8. Media Planning, Buying & Optimization | 6 hours | 1 assignment
      9. Analytics & Reporting | 6 hours | 1 assignment
      10. Projects & Mentoring | 2 hours | 1 assignment
      11. Managerial & Soft Skills | 10 hours
    What will you learn?

    We have designed a special certification course for students who choose to master in the digital marketing arena. You will learn the principles of marketing through this curriculum, along with crucial digital marketing skills including paid marketing, organic marketing, and marketing analytics.

    As we are one of the best institutes for digital marketing , our advance digital marketing training program consisting of over 40 modules starting from scratch. Each module has technical, communication and practical skills that you will be taught by the industry experts. You will learn how to reach target consumers through Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Email Marketing, Video, Social, Mobile and emerging technologies.

    Module NameSub-Topic
    Search Engine Marketing
    • What is Google AdWords?
    • Paid search versus Organic search
    • Google Ad Rank Algorithm
    • Relevance and quality score
    • Bidding on AdWords
    • Keyword planning for Google AdWords
    • Search and display network
    • Text ad and ad extensions
    • Google banner ads
    • Campaign management
    • Google partners
    Content Strategy
    • Types of Content
    • Content Bucketing
    • Social Media Calendar Creation
    • Content Marketing Strategy
    • Relevancy and shareability of content
    • Trend capitalization and virality
    • Content Marketing Management tools
    • Content Syndication
    SEO & Blogging
    • Understanding Search Engines
    • Setting up a basic website using WordPress
    • Hands on On-Page optimization for your site
    • Framing Meta tags & meta description
    • SEO Friendly Content Writing
    • Auditing a website end to end for SEO recommendations
    • Search engine ranking factors
    • Keyword Research
    • Types of valuable backlinks for off-Page Optimisation
    • How to setup and structure your blog
    • Unethical SEO practices to avoid in SEO
    • Understanding Google Search Console
    E-Commerce Management
    • Understanding e-commerce
    • Various e-commerce portals
    • Advantages of e-commerce
    • E-commerce Legalities
    • E-commerce marketing
    • Product keyword research
    • Competitive analysis
    • Inventory management
    • Supply chain management
    • Packaging & shipping
    • Selling on online platforms
    • Business process
    • Setting up payment gateway
    • Remittance cycle & return policy
    • Creating an E-commerce website
    • Barriers to e-commerce
    • Uploading products to online marketplace
    Social Media Marketing
    • Social Media Platforms and handles
    • Facebook & Instagram Advertising
    • Instagram PPC and CPM advertising
    • Ad budgeting
    • Identifying target audiences
    • Marketing strategy for social media
    • Campaign generation
    • Relevant case studies
    WordPress Website Training
    • Understanding website elements
    • Domain and Web Hosting
    • Learning WordPress
    • Theme selection
    • Creating web pages
    • Adding content
    • Understanding: Page v/s post
    • Installing and activating plugins
    • Incorporating design elements
    • Elementor
    Mobile Marketing
    • Mobile Marketing tools
    • App marketing and promotion
    • App store optimization
    • On page SEO for app store
    • Creating app engagement
    • App user rating and reviews
    • Product keyword App user rating and reviews
    • In-app advertising
    • Building website presence
    • Web analytics for mobile
    Online Reputation Management
    • Understanding ORM
    • Need for ORM
    • Impact of negative conversations brand
    • Steps for effective Online Reputation Management
    • Tools for ORM
    • Understanding sentiments of a brand
    • Crisis management
    Adsense, Blogging and Affiliate Marketing
    • What is AdSense?
    • What is Affiliate Marketing?
    • How to become an Affiliate?
    • What is Blogging?
    • How To Write Creative Content for Blogs
    • AdSense Keywords
    Web Analytics
    • Use of analytics in Digital marketing
    • Understanding Google Analytics
    • Website tracking
    • Tracking Visitor source
    • Key dimensions & metrics
    • Goal setting
    • Conversion funnel
    • E-commerce reporting
    • Real-time reports
    • Instagram analytics
    • YouTube analytics
    • Heat Mapping tools
    • Analytics on Twitter and Facebook
    • Decoding Audience, Behavior & Acquisition report
    Media Planning
    • What is Media buying?
    • Types of Media buying
    • Platform-based Ad spaces
    • Search based advertising
    • Publisher based advertising
    • Mobile advertising
    • Rich media and innovations
    • Media planning and budgeting
    Email Marketing
    • Uses of email marketing
    • Advantages of email marketing
    • Types of emails
    • Subscribers list & Database building
    • Segmentation of email list
    • Successful Cold emailing
    • Email marketing tools & software
    • Understanding the email marketing
    • Creating email marketing plan
    • Designing emails
    • Avoiding spam filters
    • Email campaign analytics
    • Email automation
    • Drip email marketing
    Advance Digital Marketing Training Programme

    Our advance certified courses in digital marketing syllabus includes over 40 modules covering A to Z of the digital marketing processes. It contains a mixture of technical, communication and practical skills you need to lead from day one!

    Here’s how in-depth our advance digital marketing course syllabus is:

    Search Marketing
    • Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Google Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    • Bing Search Engine Marketing
    • App Store Optimization (ASO)
    • Remarketing
    Content Marketing
    • Popular Content Formats
    • Content Calendar
    • Copywriting
    • Design Essentials
    • Blogging & AdSense
    Social Media Marketing & Management
    • FB, Insta, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest
    • Social Media Marketing (Organic)
    • Social Media Marketing (paid) on All Platforms
    • Online Reputation Management
    • Social Listening
    Video Marketing
    • Scripting
    • What makes a Video go Viral
    • Facebook, YouTube & TikTok
    • YouTube (SEO)
    More forms of Digital Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Mobile Marketing (Notification, SMS, QR Code)
    • Influencer Marketing
    • Ecommerce Management
    • Build an Ecommerce Site using WordPress
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Podcast Marketing
    • Innovations on Digital Platforms
    • Customer Relationship Management Tools (CRM)
    • Marketing Automation Tools
    Integrated Marketing (Full Funnel Marketing)
    • KPI Setting
    • Media Planning (Self Served)
    • Media Planning (Non-Self Served)
    Soft Skills
    • Interview Skills
    • Resume Making
    • Presentation Skills
    • Advanced Excel skills
    • Advanced PPT skills
    Agency Skills
    • How to approach a client brief
    • Art of Pitching in the Media Industry
    • Introduction to Departments in an Agency
    • Agency Visits and Management Interaction

    Who Should Enroll in this Course?

    Whether you are an IT graduate or an entrepreneur or someone looking to develop a career in digital marketing, you are eligible to enroll for our digital marketing course. Hence, we’ve designed these unique digital marketing courses in Mumbai to cater to every type of learner.
    Digital Marketing Course in Kandivali, Mumbai with 14+ Certifications

    Any student who is 16 years and above can apply for our digital marketing course. Students who have passed 12th grade (10+2) scoring a minimum of 50% will be preferred.

    Here are some individuals who should consider taking up our online digital marketing course:

    • College graduates striving to accelerate their career growth
    • Aspiring digital marketers looking to launch their career
    • Professionals looking to switch their career paths

    *Graduates and working professionals from all backgrounds are welcomed at The BW School.

    Digital Marketing Course Fees

    The cost of our Advanced Digital Marketing Certification is INR 47,599 (exclusive of taxes). It’s also repayable in instalments. Additionally, we provide Indian nationals with student loans with 0% EMI choices. Along with an Indian co-applicant, foreign nationals may also apply. Contact our counsellors to inquire about course costs by completing the application.
    Digital Marketing Course in Mumbai 14+ Certifications
    The fees for our Certification in Advance Digital Marketing is INR 47,599 exclusive of taxes. It can be paid in installments. We also offer student loans to Indian National at 0% EMI options. Foreign Nationals can also apply with an Indian co-applicant. Get in touch with our counsellors regarding course fees by filling the Application form.
    Single Certification Courses

    Our one-week short-term certification course costs a minimum of INR 6500.

    • Lump-Sum Payment Option – If you choose to pay all of the course costs at once (47,599 plus taxes), you will be given a 10% discount.
    • Zero EMI Option – The free EMI plan is as follows for the costs of the digital marketing course:
    AmountFee Details
    ₹599Registration fees
    ₹15,666 (1st Installment)Before or on the day of orientation
    15,666 (2nd Installment)Within 2 months of orientation
    15,666 (3rd Installment)Within 6 months of orientation

    Digital Marketing Career Options

    There is currently a tremendous demand across industries if you want to start a career in digital marketing or transition there. Here is a list of some of the professions that are predicted to have growth in demand during the ensuing years, along with excellent salary growth.

    Digital Marketing Training Institute in Mumbai

    Whether you’re looking to jumpstart or progress your career, a digital marketing certification from The BW School can get you on the right track.

    As we are the top digital marketing institute in Mumbai, our advance digital marketing course program will make you a certified digital marketer by perfecting your marketing skills and will accelerate your career with The BW’S digital marketing course to land your dream job.

    Through this course, you will learn how to develop a synergistic impact that will improve your marketing strategy’s performance and return on investment.

    After completing our course, you’ll be qualified for the following positions in digital marketing.

    Job TitleAverage Salary
    Digital Marketing Executive₹3,00,000 per year
    Junior Media Executive₹1,80,000 per year
    Junior SEO Executive₹2,35,348 per year
    Account Executive₹2,67,764 per year
    Executive Content Marketer₹4,66,842 per year
    Social Media Marketing Executive₹3,25,000 per year
    PPC Executive₹3,37,225 per year
    Web Development Executive₹3,08,040 per year
    Single Certification Courses

    Our comprehensive training opens the doors to multiple job opportunities for our learners. However, this short term certification course is best-suited for decision makers and business owners that wish to up the marketing game using the digital landscape.

    Advance Digital Marketing Course

    Advance digital marketing course programme will equip you with all the skills needed to help land you high-paying digital marketing jobs at India’s top-paying digital setups. We take immense pride in placing our candidates at the unicorn digital agencies in the country.

    On completion of our course, you’ll be ready to take on the following digital marketing jobs (The average salaries mentioned below are taken from Glassdoor):

    Job TitleAverage Salary
    Brand Digital Marketing Manager₹7,05,697 per year
    Media Planner₹6,50,659 per year
    Creative Digital Strategist₹6,24,176 per year
    Performance Marketing Specialist₹8,63,334 per year
    Account Managers₹6,12,773 per year
    Business Development Manager₹5,99,037 per year
    Brand Manager₹10,42,200 per year
    Client Servicing Manager₹4,07,569 per year

    Our Placement Assistance

    Looking for the top digital marketing courses in Mumbai with placement opportunities can be quite challenging today.
    Boost your career with our digital marketing course with a placement guarantee. Learn from the best and land your dream job. Our graduates are provided with 100% placement assistance at the finest companies in the country.

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